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      AIMTB Assay

      Accuracy:Inter-assay Precision: Coefficient of variation (CV) ≤10%.
      Performance:Positive coincidence rate of QFT is 98.12%; Negative coincidence rate of QFT is 91.65%.

      Description:AIMTB Assay is used in vitro to measure the specific T cells immune response of Mycobacterium tuberculosis using fresh whole blood. 

      Product DetailsFeaturesApplications

      Specification: 96T

      Sample type: Plasma

      Storage condition: Blood Stimulation Tubes: a. Blood Stimulation Tubes must be stored below 28°C.
      b. The shelf life of Blood Stimulation Tubes is 12 months.
      c. Once opened, the unused Blood Stimulation Tubes must be stored in the foil pouch, and stored
      below 28°C.

      Interferon Gamma Assay: a. Interferon Gamma Assay must be stored at around 2~8°C.
      b. The shelf life of Interferon Gamma Assay is 12 months.
      c. The opened Interferon Gamma Assay must be returned to storage at around 2~8°C and must be used within 4 weeks.

      • High sensitivity and specificity
      • Only 1.8ml of blood is required, making it's easy to collect
      • Unique triple-tube design simplifies the process
      • Movable and programmable incubator with a cooling system
      • Fast and convenient serum separation column(option), no centrifuge needed
      • Automatic ELISA system is highly consistent
      • CE,ISO certified

      Close contacts of active TB

      Congregate settings may include

      • Hospitals/healthcare institutions
      • Higher educational facilities and dormitories
      • Residential facilities
      • Homeless shelters
      • Military barracks
      • Certain employment settings, e.g., the mining industry
      • Refugee camps

      Population with high prevalence of TB infection

      Clinical conditions that increase the risk of developing TB disease

      Official WeChat
      Service hotline:
      +86 20 82113921

      Add:7D, Science & Technology Innovation Base, #80 Lanyue Road, Huangpu District, Guangzhou, P.R.China